A Friend with Friends

A Friend with Friends                Book Club Discussion Topics

1. In what ways did Emmie's idealistic-looking home life contribute to her situation?

2. Jennie acts decisively on her beliefs, both by joining the Tubman Squad and using her knowledge and connections to rescue Emmie. Discuss a time you’ve stood up for your beliefs and what your results were.

3. How did finding out Mrs. Karl’s reason for being a Superintendent affect how you see the character?

4. Which character(s) did you identify with, and why?

5. What do you think is the status of women’s reproductive choices in society today?

6. Discuss the “commitment” each Facility inmate is expected to fulfill after giving birth. How does this affect her future?

7. If you or your daughter were caught in a legal program such as the Social Responsibility Law, how would you handle it?

8. Rosa’s escape attempt failed with horrific results. Even though she’d planned it, she apparently had a lot of wishful-thinking about the end result. When have you seen teens (or in your teens) act more on wishes than reality?

9. The irony of Emmie’s dad deciding to become a teen counselor is not pointed out; nor is the symbolism of Emmie’s escape on Independence Day. Why do you suppose the author did that?

10. Recently, legislators in Georgia and Utah have been trying to declare miscarriage a capital crime, unless the woman can prove she didn’t do anything to cause the miscarriage (sort of guilt unless you can prove yourself innocent). How does this legislation compare to the Social Responsibility Law?

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